Amethyst Gold Ring of Abundance

Amethyst Gold Ring of Abundance


The symbol on the back is a Reiki symbol for Abundance. When you put the ring up to a light, you can see the symbol through the amethyst stone. Abundance is sometimes meant as more money, but I know some very rich people who don’t ever even have to work, who still don’t feel abundant. Abundance is just a feeling, you can be poor and feel like you have EVERYTHING and that’s what I hope for this ring to bring you. If you feel that you have everything, you do have everything.

The side story for this ring is that it also saved someone’s finger once. A woman bought this ring at a boutique because she loved the abundance idea. That day she went to an apartment that she owned and was renting to someone. When she opened the window the glass fell out and straight onto her hand. The ring was crushed, but it saved her finger. She made me repair the mangled ring, because she was so thankful to that ring. True story.

I hope it brings you inner peace. That’s a tall order for a ring, but great to have daily reminders.

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