Amethyst Necklace of Abundance

Amethyst Necklace of Abundance

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The symbol on the back of the pendant is a Reiki symbol for Abundance. When you put the necklace up to a light, you can see the symbol through the amethyst stone. Abundance is sometimes meant as more money, but I know some very rich people who don’t ever even have to work, who still don’t feel abundant. Abundance is just a feeling, you can be poor and feel like you have EVERYTHING and that’s what I hope for this ring to bring you. If you feel that you have everything, you do have everything.

I hope this necklace helps to bring you inner peace. That’s a tall order, I know, but I feel it’s great to have tiny reminders to keep going on the path.

Choose a length:

Length 16”-18” with extender


Long stye: 20”-22” with extender (see photos for longer look)

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